Saturday, 8 March 2014

VW Beetle Ipad Mini Cosy with Personalised Design

Recently I had a message on my Etsy shop from a lady in Columbus, Ohio who is beetle mad.  Not the creepy crawly kind of beetles but the VW car type.  She asked if I could customise my normal VW Beetle Ipad mini cosy design to make it look like her car, Sunshine.

This is my standard design case.  

Sunshine the VW Beetle is bright yellow with a smiley face on the front and daisies scattered all over the body work.

As my design is a front view, there was nowhere for me to feature the daisies that are all over the sides of the car.  To make sure the case featured these, I covered the plain brown linen background fabric with little daisies and lined the case with a daisy design fabric too.

It was lovely to be able to customise my design.  If you are interested in ordering a bespoke Ipad mini or Kindle cosy, contact me at  

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