Sunday, 16 March 2014

Embroidered Portrait - Edinburgh Castle

Last month I completed a small portrait of Edinburgh Castle.  I am determined that I will start to produce portraits of my favourite buildings and landmarks whether they have been commissioned or not.  I think that there is a market for greetings cards and prints for this kind of portrait and will be investigating ways to get my artwork to develop away from just originals which are both time consuming and expensive.  

If I can supplement each piece with additional sales of other products I will be a happy bunny.

Here's the Edinburgh Castle pic.

If you are interested in commissioning a picture, you can contact me at .

Alternatively, I'd love some suggestions of what you think would be good future portraits.  Please comment on this blog with any suggestions.


  1. What an amazing picture! Hats off to you - I've tried embroidery before and it's no easy thing. Great work x

  2. Thanks very much Elena. It has taken a lot of effort to get to this point but I love doing it x