Saturday, 27 April 2013


My new range of journals and notebooks is now half complete.  I have designed and made four of them so far and I am really pleased with them.  There will be another four to complete the range but they are still 'in development'.

Although I have made notebook covers before,  they had covers that were based on a very simple applique design.  This time I approached it differently.  The cover designs the purpose of the notebook/journal.

The first is a recipe notebook.  It features a kitchen scene with a cupboard and an aga.

Recipe notebook Back

Recipe Notebook Front 2

The second design is my favourite as it is a sewing  notebook based on my own workstation.  My sewing machine isn't actually flowery but other than that, the design is quite faithful to the original!

Sewing Notebook Front 3 Sewing Notebook Back

The third design is a travel journal.  It is quite a feminine design with a sun hat on a deckchair next to a cool drink on a little table.  One of the designs I will be working on soon will be a more masculine travel journal.

Travel Journal Front Travel Journal Back

And the final design so far is a gardening notebook.  I wasn't sure of this design at first but it has really grown on me and is now possibly my favourite so far.

Gardening Notebook Gardening Notebook back

The notebook covers are all A5 size and I supply them with a hardback lined notebook.  They are for sale on the Make the Most of website and in my Etsy shop

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