Monday, 20 August 2012

Choo Choo

Today I have been experimenting with a design for my North East images collection.  The plan is to produce a collection of cushions featuring landmarks and images that are unique to this area. Whether they will sell is unknown but I think they will be different from anything I can find for sale.

The first design is of a Tyne and Wear Metro train.

Not the prettiest of images, but instantly identifiable with the north east.  I sketched the design last night and had a first attempt today.  I have done the applique and outlined it in free motion embroidery.

I am currently undecided whether to add a platform or rails.  Might have a bit of a play and see how it will look tomorrow.

Well, I decided to add a hint of a platform and some rails just to give a bit of perspective.  Just need to make up the cushion cover now.

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